Rent a VP of Engineering

Making software products is hard. Working with Misberri is like hiring a VP of engineering for your product.
We guide you every step of the way from the design stages to development and deployment.
  • What technologies should we use?
  • What are the best tools to use?
  • Should we use this framework?
  • Are we ready for the next step?
  • Is our design good?
  • How to plan and budget our project?


APIs are the link between the brain of your product and all the points of user interaction.
Your API will connect users via the desktop web, the mobile web, native apps or even the Internet of Things.
Whether you keep it private or open it to millions of developers, Misberri will help you design and implement it.
  • What makes an great API?
  • How do you design APIs?
  • How do I offer an API?
  • What do developers need to use my API?
  • Can I monetize my API?


If mobile apps are ruling the world, iOS apps are inventing its future.
Work with Misberri to develop your next world-class app and connect to millions of users.
  • What are the latest trends?
  • How do I ensure growth?
  • Is my design following best practices?
  • Is my app design ready for development?
  • Is this functionality available?


Brick and mortar stores, eCommerce, home automation, social discovery are all changing with IoT.
Upgrade your business with the power of smart objects, Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon.
  • How can my business leverage iBeacon?
  • How can I connect better with my customers?
  • How to deploy iBeacon solutions?
  • Can we upgrade our mobile apps to BLE?

Web Development

Node.js and Ruby on Rails are great technologies to provide flexible and high quality Web services to your users.
Work with Misberri to quickly develop and deploy your next generation of Web products.
  • How can I leverage AngularJS or Bootstrap for the client side?
  • How can I deploy a server for my mobile native apps and my Web apps?


Prototyping helps you explore or validate technical solutions for your product. It can be invaluable to guarantee that you are making the 'right product, right'.
Prototyping is part of Misberri's DNA, we just love it!
  • Why and when is prototyping important?
  • How quickly can I prototype it?
  • What tools do I use to prototype?
  • How can I include a prototyping phase in my product development cycle?
  • What is the difference between a mockup and a prototype?

About us

Agathe Battestini, a specialist in software and product development, brings more than 12 years of software engineer experience to the table.
Agathe developed a rich set of skills working in Research & Development at Nokia and led the iOS teams forStorenvy and Aether Things. Project specialties include prototyping, iOS, web and backend development services, product development and project management. In 2014, Agathe used these skills to found Misberri.

Marie Battestini is a Software Engineer with extensive experience developing and leading large-scale J2EE projects with local and offshore teams.
After working for five years in France in consulting companies such as Accenture, Marie lived and worked for two years in Brisbane, Australia. In the past few years, Marie has pursued her interests in mobile development, Arduino and Raspberry.